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    Question about web browser


    I setup a webserver, and I login my website with N77 web browser, the following is the work flow:
    1. There is a button on my website
    2. I click it, my web site will send N77 web browser a MIME and a file
    3. N77 will run my S60 app according to the MIME
    4. Exit my S60 app, and click the button on websit agin

    All the things work good before 4th step, but when I click the button agin, web browser show:
    System error: (-21)
    Unable download 'url.flv'

    Following is my webserver code which send N77 MIME and file(C#):

    Response.ContentType = "application/tftrig";
    Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\"url.flv\"");
    Response.Write(String.Format(req, Request.QueryString["v"], Request.QueryString["t"]));

    What happen? How to solve this problem?

    Thank you!!

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    Re: Question about web browser

    Can you reproduce it on some other S60 3rd Edition phone model?

    If you clear the browser cache, does it make a difference?

    Is restarting the browser application enough to clear the situation?

    Have you checked whether there is a newer firmware version for the N77 ( http://www.nokia.com/softwareupdate )?

    And in a real-life situation, how frequently will a user coming to your web site click the button and download/install/run your application more than once time in a row?

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