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    Lightbulb Access Combo-box elements in a form

    Hi All,

    I am trying to create an application with a form consisting of a combo-box. How can i access the current selected element or index of the combo-box. Something like getSelectedIndex() in Java.

    I've used selection_list(), but it displays the combo-box again. Is there any other alternative?

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    Re: Access Combo-box elements in a form

    I'm using this code

    import appuifw
    ## Simple MyFormView class to demonstrate the use of forms.
    class MyFormView( object ):
        ## The constructor.
        def __init__( self ):
            ## Bool
            self._iIsSaved = False
            ## Form fields.
            self._iFields = [(u'Wall Type','combo', (walltype,0))]
        def send( self ):
            if self.isSaved() == False:
    		appuifw.note(u"Save The Form First", "error")
                    smsmsg = "#" + str(self._iFields[0][2][0][index])+ ","
    		appuifw.note(unicode(smsmsg), "conf")
                    self._iIsSaved = False 
        ## Displays the form.
        def setActive( self ):
            self._iIsSaved = False
            self._iForm = appuifw.Form(self._iFields, appuifw.FFormEditModeOnly)
            self._iForm.save_hook = self._markSaved
            self._iForm.flags = appuifw.FFormEditModeOnly
            self._iForm.menu = [(u"Send",self.send)]
            self._iForm.execute( )
        ## save_hook send True if the form has been saved.
        def _markSaved( self, aBool ):
            self._iIsSaved = aBool
        ## _iIsSaved getter.
        def isSaved( self ):
            return self._iIsSaved
        # here you can put for example all the getters you need:
    if __name__ == "__main__":
        appuifw.app.title = u'Try Forms'
        myForm = MyFormView( )
        myForm.setActive( )
    I want to know what index is
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    Re: Access Combo-box elements in a form

    hi Vik The Red
    as fas as i m thinking the index in the code means that the elements you are passing your comobo box.
    as in the present code you have taken the elements as hi and bye.
    hope u got the point.
    plz give feedback.

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    Re: Access Combo-box elements in a form

    my problem is solved now... had to make use of "self._iForm"


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