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    Change default timeout on pyS60?

    Ok, I've been developing a media remote controlling application on pyS60, and I'm having a problem with timeouts, so is there a way to manually adjust timeout value to something like 4 seconds? On Windows(and Linux also?) I could just write
    import socket
    but on pyS60 that is impossible. Is there a way?

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    Re: Change default timeout on pyS60?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vazde View Post
    Is there a way?
    No timeouts, but You should be able to implement that yourself (no digging into C++ needed). You can for example set a timer with a kill-that-socket handler to 4 seconds from now just before calling socket functions (and kill-that-handler in case the sockets succeeds). Wrap it up in a proxy-class and You have your timeouts .

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