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    How to Set wallpaper in 6120 ?

    Dear Members, please help me to set ".SWF" (FLASH FILES) as wallpaper in 6120 classic , i know how to set it as screensaver but not as wallpaper,

    it can set as wallpaper in 6300 , kindly help me to set it as wallpaper in full screen

    it looks beautiful

    please help me

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    Re: How to Set wallpaper in 6120 ?


    Nokia 6120 is a S60 device. Flash Lite implementation for S60 does not support setting SWF as wallpaper.

    On S60, Flash Lite works as browser plugin, standalone, and from 3rdEd, screensaver as well.

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    Re: How to Set wallpaper in 6120 ?


    you can look at flashlite4nokia.com for the different implementation of the FL player for different Nokia phones.


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