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    will this code segment give the rgb data of the pixel at i,j position???

    int[] imgFaceData = new int[1];
    imgFace.getRGB(imgFaceData, 0, imgFace.getWidth(), i, j, 1, 0);

    will imageFaceData[0] contain the r, g, b values of pixel position (i, j)

    its urgent so please

    thanks in advance

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    Re: rgb

    Useful for you

    The scanlength specifies the relative offset within the array between the corresponding pixels of consecutive rows. In order to prevent rows of stored pixels from overlapping, the absolute value of scanlength must be greater than or equal to width. Negative values of scanlength are allowed. In all cases, this must result in every reference being within the bounds of the rgbData array.

    Consider P(a,b) to be the value of the pixel located at column a and row b of the Image, where rows and columns are numbered downward from the top starting at zero, and columns are numbered rightward from the left starting at zero. This operation can then be defined as:

    rgbData[offset + (a - x) + (b - y) * scanlength] = P(a, b);

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