After the announcment of Microsoft and Nokia to bring a port of Microsoft Silverlight (the new lightweight cross-platform .Net Framework runtime) to S60 devies is my question/discussion point the following: do you (the MWS team) plan to integrate and/or make new the MWS pages with Silverlight in a new powerfull (the new XMAL based) UI design?
One point are to let the user to decide, what UI design he prefer: the legacy Python pages or the (then) new Silverlight pages.
A technical question is, do you (eventually) plan the port only the version 1.0, so can only program in java script or do you plan to port version 1.1 or 2.0, so you (and other developers) can program in one of the following programming languages: v1.1 java script, IronRuby and IronPython and in v2.0 the additional languages and C#!
I think this would push up the accteptance of the MWS and let explode the counter of active programmers for the MWS!