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    Question How to connect my N95 to my SER phone server SIP VoIP?

    Thank you for your attention.This problem puzzled me for a long time.Does any expert here can help me how to configure my SER sip phone server and my N95 correctly.

    I have successfully installed SER sip phone server on my PC and also deployed the RTPproxy and Nathelper.And I have configured the N95 but only got a "registering faliure".I thought maybe I had not configure SER server and N95 correctly I hope someone can help me.Thanks!

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    Re: How to connect my N95 to my SER phone server SIP VoIP?


    We've had discussions about registering problems here before. So please check earlier threads on this VoIP forum. One good thing to start with is to verify that you are using correct Realm value.

    In order to have better view on the problem you could provide some ethereal logs because "Registration failed" is shown in couple of different occasions like: when phone can't establish a network connection to the regisrar server, wrong credentials and wrong Realm value.

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