The most simpliest way to read the received SMS messages with Nokia 30 terminal is to use HyperTerminal program of the windows (this program comes with windows operating system) or use program like SMSenabler.

1) Use standard modem driver of the windows or install modem driver of the nokia 30 terminal (you can read information about modem use download the modem driver from:
and choose:
"Nokia M2M Products"
"Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal"
Choose "Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal User's Guide for Modem Use" document and if you want to download the Nokia 30 modem driver,
then go to the part "Software Downloads" and download the newest modem driver.

2) Open hyperTerminal program and use standard modem driver or Nokia30 modem driver with it.

3) write at+cmgf=1 to use text mode with SMS

4) Use at+cmgr or at+cmgl commands to read the received SMS messages


M2M developer support team