Hello, everybody.
I'm facing a problem about sending a request to an HTTP server using CSecureSocket. The connection to the server has been established via RSocket successfully, followed by the SSL handshake(CSecureSocket::StartClientHandshake()) also returns KErrNone with no error. After SSL connected, HTTPS request has been sent with CSecureSocket::Send method and successfully right now.
Here is the question. Although data packages was proved had been sent to the server by Network Monitor, the server did not give any response but a KErrEof error code. Server side logs showed the request did not deliver.
The same way was successfully accomplished on WindowsMobile depends on OpenSSL library. That's indicate that http server has nothing wrong.
I did nothing before send and receive from CSecureSocket, just NewL and start handshake. I just want to know why the request didn't deliver.

Does anybody help me ? I've spended the whole day on this issue. I don't want to bring it to the Olympic Games.

Thanks in advance for any reply.