I write code in my "CTestAppView"(inherit from "CCoeControl") ConstructL() funtion:

	// Create a window for this application view

	iListBox = new ( ELeave ) CAknSingleStyleListBox;
	iListBox->SetContainerWindowL( *this );
		TResourceReader reader;
		iEikonEnv->CreateResourceReaderLC( reader, R_MY_LIST_BOX );
		iListBox->ConstructFromResourceL( reader );
		CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // reader internal state
	// the listbox owns the items in the list and will free them
	iListBox->Model()->SetOwnershipType( ELbmOwnsItemArray );
	iListBox->SetFocus( ETrue );

	// Set the windows size

	// Activate the window, which makes it ready to be drawn
Run this program, the UI is blank white, the listbox created but I can't see it.....