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    Debugging in 3410 emulator

    We use Borlands JBuilder as our IDE. The first version of the 3410 emulator would not even start in debugging mode (it crashed). This new version of the emulator (1.0) starts in debugging mode but it ignores breakpoints and it crashes if you try to stop it from the IDE. So:
    - Has anybody been able to debug using this emulator?
    - Anything we can try to make debugging work?

    Thanks in advance!

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    RE: Debugging in 3410 emulator

    What JDK are you using with Borland?
    If you're using 1.4.0 or 1.4.1, try using 1.3.1. if that does not work, then I might suggest that the classes.zip file that comes with the 3410 SDK might be missing some necessary classes to do the debugging.
    Sounds more like a 3410 defect....
    What about grabbing the 3510i MIDP beta that we recently posted on Forum.nokia.com? I think it will work with Jbuilder 7. It has the same size UI so your midlets will run pretty much the same. Only major difference is that it's a color UI and that the heap memory for the 3510i is ~200k rather than the ~140K supported by the 3410.
    Hope this helps

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