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    Equivalent to javascript pop ups

    Hi all.

    Im unsure exactly what is available in this respect when talking about python.

    For example, i would have a user enter say name and address etc. I would then have a pop up window saying are you sure where they could confirm this.

    Another example would be if the user wanted to exit the app, i would then present an "are you sure" window etc.

    What options are available to me in python for this type of functionality??

    Thank You All

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    Re: Equivalent to javascript pop ups

    appuifw.query(u"Text here", "query") is probably the answer for you.
    As for the two situations you mentioned:
    import appuifw, e32
    def quit():
    	if(appuifw.query(u"Are you sure you want to exit?", "query")):app_lock.signal()
    #If the user selects "yes", the application closes, otherwise nothing happens
    def enterinfo():
    	name=appuifw.query(u"Type your name", "text")
    	if(appuifw.query(u"Are you sure", "query")):print name  #Save name as it was provided or do whatever you want with it
    	else: enterinfo()  #If the user is not sure (meaning if "no" was selected) the prompt to enter the name again is shown
    #Set the menu
    appuifw.app.menu=[(u"Enter name", enterinfo), (u"Exit", quit)]

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    Re: Equivalent to javascript pop ups

    That's great, i can definitely work with that.

    i probably should have known about that part of appuifw from learning a while ago.

    Thank you for your help Bogdan.

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