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    About midi (audio) in J2ME...

    So, here I was writing my game for s60, witch looks pretty cool atm. The problem is, when i try to add midi audio I get this problem (in nokia's sdk only, works fine on Sun's):

    JVMJNCK038E JNI error in FromReflectedMethod: Argument #2 (0x3FD7EDFC) is not a valid object reference. It's type is: unknown

    JVMJNCK080E Error detected in the outermost frame of an attached thread

    JVMJNCK023E JNI error detected. Continuing...

    The sound is still played. I don't know if someone has experienced the same problem, but it is getting very frustrating since I can't predict what kind of error this one will set off further in the dev

    Can you help me? I can provide further details if needed.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: About midi (audio) in J2ME...

    I will suggest you to first test it on the device.

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    Unhappy Re: About midi (audio) in J2ME...

    In the actual device, he sound didn't play

    Any other ideas?

    I'm using mainly Sun's libs. Should I change and use Nokia's instead?

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    Re: About midi (audio) in J2ME...

    Do you have polyphony? If yes, can you try with simpler track?
    Is the file part of the jar (in the resources)?


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