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    Flash Lite 3.0 memory issues

    is it possible to increase the amount of stack and heap memory available to Flash? Perhaps some start up parameter?
    I'm launching the FL3.0 dev version from symbian.


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    Re: Flash Lite 3.0 memory issues


    It is possible using Flash Lite viewer framework (stub). KuneriLite utilizes this, allocating memory far enough, for stub use.
    We have new version coming soon, which fixes some issues in stub use in N95 8GB.


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    Re: Flash Lite 3.0 memory issues


    Yes, using the FL framework, more memory can be allocated to FL application.

    SWF2Go allocates 16MB dynamic memory to FL2+ based applications from its first version released in March 2007. The latest version is 1.5.

    Find out more at: www.orison.biz/products/swf2go/


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