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    What best algorithm for encryption

    i was develop application.i used AEs algorithm.
    but when i encryp.The encryption take along .

    can anyone tell me..what best algorithm.

    i encryp jpg file and mp3 file.

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    Re: What best algorithm for encryption

    What's your own criteria for "best"?

    Is the criteria only encryption speed? (Must be fast? What's fast enough for you? Target speed for encryption per 1MB of data, for example, to be encrypted? How long does it take now, and how long should it take in your opinion?)

    Or does it matter how good the encrypion algorithm is? How secure encryption and decryption key handling and distribution is?

    How much data do you have that should be encrypted? How often is it encrypted or decrypted?

    Anyway, search for implemntations using DES, TripleDES, Blowfish, BouncyCastle, and others, and perhaps also security related web sites or forums or books where they might be compared to each other.

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    Re: What best algorithm for encryption

    Don't bother for 3DES, it is based on DES (3*DES) which is designed for hardware. Which means AES is faster (software encryption) than 3DES.

    Try Blowfish, it should be one of the fastest or
    if its not that important (the encryption) than use DES.

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