Dear all,

I have developed a GameCanvas which implements the Runnable interface. I have also added a hand-cursor(as a layer) for controling the move of up,down,right and left. The cursor can move properly to the whole screen size (240x320 of N95 device).

If you press at specific area of this GameCanvas(a rectangle),a textbox is displayed.If you press back command from this Text box, the GameCanvas is displayed again.

However,now, the hand-cursor cannot move to the whole screen size of N95 device.It disappears when it is at position of height=280 pixels more or less(smaller than 320 pixels).On the other, it is not disappered at width-level.

I am taking advantage of the full size mode of Game Canvas. Here, is a piece of code I am using at the constructor.
The above application is working properly for N93, N73 devices without the above mentioned problem.

P.S: I have faced a similar problem to Nokia 6600 in the past using Canvas, but I never solved it.

Do you have any idea?