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    Complete newbie..

    Hi All,
    Im completely new to flash/flash lite. but have some previous programming experience not too much though.

    im currently downloading adobe cs3 and i own a nokia e65 and this is runs flash lite 1.1?

    is this all i need.. also does anyone know of the best beginners tutorials??

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Complete newbie..


    the E65 has Flash Lite 1.1 for standalone and WAP browser content. You can find some infos on different Nokias and FL here: www.flashlite4nokia.com

    You can install both Flash Lite 2.1 Developer Edition and Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition. The downloads are on the Adobe site.

    In any case when you install these other FL players, the 1.1 will still remain your default player. The other 2 will be just as other applications, they do not integrate with the OS.
    But are good for development and testing purpose.

    I have a list of tutorial and articles that you might want to take a look at:


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