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    work with forms data at form run time

    Hello everyone,
    this is my first message here.

    I was wandering wether there is a way to work with the contents of a form while the form is active and displayed.

    For example I'd like to set the content of a form's field based on the changes of the content of another form's field.

    I tried with another thread that looks at the form's fields data but it doesn't detect changes until the form is saved, ie. it is closed.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: work with forms data at form run time


    True, You cannot save the data before the form is saved. The trick is to save the field texts to a text file, which probably may be possible on saving or exiting the form.

    I dont know if it works but try this, You can try to save the form fields after a time delay say after 5 seconds.


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