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    creating themes for S40 5th edition

    what tool should i use for developing themes for s40 5th edition phones?

    Carbide.ui 3.2 dont mention support for them
    also, im testing themes with a 2630 phone, its listed as S40 5th edition LE

    what does the LE means?

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    Re: creating themes for S40 5th edition

    Carbide.ui 3.2:
    Support for themes for the Series 40 platform
    Support is provided for generating themes for:
    • Series 40 2nd Edition.
    • Series 40 3rd Edition.
    • Series 40 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1.
    • Series 40 5th Edition.
    • Series 40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1.

    I tested on 7500 (Series 40 5th Edition) all right.
    But I cant find list of compatibility all supporting phones. Carbide3.2 can make themes for Series 40, but they tell about v2 and v3, what it means? Anybody know where do I find full list of compatibility?


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