Hi all!

Sorry for disturbing you. Seems, I've gone through many discussion board, however I didn't found the complete answer for my question.

The problem is usage of gSOAP 2.7 generated proxy code on S60 3rd device (Nokia e61i). When I'm trying to execute any of methods from generated proxy classes, I get some error like SOAP_TCP_ERROR (some problem with TCP/IP initialization). So, I came to conclusion that I should make my own implementation of sockets opening/closing, reading/writing for gSOAP proxy classes using S60 socket network classes (RSocket). That's why I create connection through specified IAP, create RSocket object attached to this connection and use this RSocket object in my realizations for the proxyclass->fopen, proxyclass->fclose, proxyclass->fsend, proxyclass->frecv functions. Here is some sample of such approach -> http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=105748

So, my question, could anyone show the real example of realization fopen, fclose, fsend, frecv methods in this case.