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    print non-ascii characters on canvas


    I'm new to Python..
    just can't display non-ascii characters on canvas mode. I have tried with this code:

    from appuifw import *
    from graphics import *

    app.body = appBody = Canvas()
    unicodeString = u""
    for ch in range(0x0080, 0x00ff):
    unicodeString = unichr( ch ).encode('utf-8')
    appBody.text( o, unicode( unicodeString, 'utf-8' ) )
    any ideas?

    thanks in advance.


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    Re: print non-ascii characters on canvas

    hi willy
    first of all welcome to the fantastic python Dibo.
    Plz write the code by using the quote marks and there are lot of typing mistake in ur code plz check that first.

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    Re: print non-ascii characters on canvas

    found my bug..


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