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    Parameter passing

    Hello, I am having serious problems passing parameters between the 7110 and a SSJS application on the server.

    The URL is of the form "http:://page?=&="

    the ampersand gets passed to the phone as & a m p ; and it renders correctly in the href of the link.
    However on the phone the link cannot be clicked and the emulator will not display the page or just gets "Connection closed".

    Has anybody else succesfully passed parameters around when tagged onto the URL or is there somethng obvius that I am missing????

    Posted by Mark Higginbottom, mark.higginbottom@icl.com
    on June 12, 2000 at 16:12

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    RE: Parameter passing

    Posted by Harald Hochwald, harald.hochwald@smartid.de
    on June 12, 2000 at 22:35

    Hello mark,
    i use postfields to pass parameters,
    works fine, if you like i could mail you a source code,

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