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    Need some explaination!!!

    hi....m trying to write a media player for mobile.... i found this piece of code from the net....

    items.put("Siren from jar", "file://siren.wav");
    itemsInfo.put("Siren from jar", "audio/x-wav");

    items.put("Promo Video from jar", "file://promo.mpg");
    itemsInfo.put("Promo Video from jar", "video/mpeg");

    my doubt is :

    1) what do you mean by file://? ( should we replace it by our drive name )

    2) Should we store the the file in "src" folder of our project.

    3) What is the maximum size of a jar file, if there is such a thing???

    Thnak You.

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    Re: Need some explaination!!!

    That piece of code is here

    The articles is very thorough in explanations, please read it completely

    3) There are maximum limits to JAR sizes. That depends on th ephone and also sometimes the network operators limit the OTA downloaded JAR sizes.

    For device specific JAR size limitations see the Forum Nokia device specs



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