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    Unable to view the contacts imported from the net

    Hello friends,
    I am developing an application which will import the contact database from the net and it will be storing into the default database onto the phone. The problem that i am facing now is that, i am able to import the contacts(which are on the net), but i am not able to view the contact details(like name, number..etc). It only shows the following name "UNNAMED" amd there are no details associated with it. Below is the code that i am using..

    TRAP(leaveCode, iContactDb = CContactDatabase::OpenL());
    if (KErrNone == leaveCode)
    TInt i = 0;

    CContactItem* item = CContactCard::NewLC();

    CContactItemField* field1 = CContactItemField::NewLC (KStorageTypeText , KUidContactFieldGivenName);
    CContactItemField* field2 = CContactItemField::NewLC (KStorageTypeText , KUidContactFieldFamilyName);
    CContactItemField* field3 = CContactItemField::NewLC (KStorageTypeText , KUidContactFieldPhoneNumber);

    // item takes the ownership of fields

    TInt id = iContactDb->AddNewContactL(*item);

    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // item

    This is the code guys...help required in this case as soon as possible..
    thnx in advance..

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    Re: Unable to view the contacts imported from the net

    Good way to speed up development would be learning to use the search, here's couple of Wiki links:


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