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    multiple videos with CVideoPlayerUtility

    I am rendering 2 videos using CVideoPlayerUtility class on N95 .
    And here is the sequence of events that the code does.

    * Create CVideoPlayerUtility instance for video 1
    * Open and prepare video 1
    * play video 1
    * stop video 1
    * Create CVideoPlayerUtility instance for video 2
    * Open and prepare video 2
    * play video 2

    The last step will not work, and callback function MvpuoPlayComplete(TInt aError) returns

    Isn's this way of playing two videos possible? Do I need to close video 1 before I can play video 2? S60 SDK is not very helpful about this topic.


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    Re: multiple videos with CVideoPlayerUtility

    As the first video player could indeed reserve something, you could try closing it, and if it does not help, try deleting it, before making the second player.

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