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    memory full - camera example

    Hello everybody,
    I have developed an application based on Nokia’s camera example with auto focus in Symbian OS (S60_Platform_Camera_Example_with_AutoFocus_Support_v2_1_en.zip). All in all it works really fine. Unfortunately I have got unsolved memory leak problems. After capturing 5 or 6 photos in *.bmp format a panic occurs advising me to restart because of memory full.

    Although I have tried to delete the captured picture by “delete” command after using it the problem is still there. The memory problem seems not be generated by my application. If I just use the plain Nokia example the same problem occurs. To my humble opinion it seems that the delete-command does not effect something because an other handle or pointer still shows to the picture.

    Searching for some solutions I have only found a program named cCam 1.03. which seems to be based on Nokia’s camera example with auto focus and had memory problems in earlier releases, too. But now it has been fixed!!

    Anybody an idea for solving the problem? Thanks a lot in advanced,


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