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    Minimizing apps in Flash lite

    Hello, I m using Flash Lite 2.0. I wish to learn the method to minimize an application( Just like how the music player in the mobile runs, even after we navigate to someother page/ screen). Is there any in-built provision in Flash lite to accomplish this ??

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    Re: Minimizing apps in Flash lite

    Not directly. But even you do with 3rd party, Flash Lite will not run in background, but stop. What are you trying to do in practice?


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    Re: Minimizing apps in Flash lite

    I was thinking about this question, and I've got an idea, but since I'm not a Symbian expert, I don't know if it's right or not

    Anyway, if we retrieve the UID of the main phone app (I mean, the app managing the standby and menu screens), than we should be able to "launch" that application (this could be easily done via Symbian helper applications on S60 phones), so that the phone menu application itself could be brought to foregroung... am I correct?


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    Re: Minimizing apps in Flash lite


    But I'd suggest it the other way

    If your only need to make your app go in background, then simply create a basic S60 console application embedding UID for your FL app (If you're using SWF2Go/others). And simply use the launch fscommand in FL application to start that console app. Which will make your application to go in background.

    Remember that FL applications get paused when they are in background. So, if you're planing to fetch some data from internet, or do some processing while your FL app is in background, you will need some third-party program to do these tasks.

    There are other ways as well. Maybe writing a plugin in KuneriLite, or maybe writing your own FL stub application, and embed http server to do extra stuff.

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    Re: Minimizing apps in Flash lite

    Depends what's you want to do with minimize your app.

    Would you like to minizing your flash lite application?

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    Re: Minimizing apps in Flash lite

    One trick is:
    fscommand("Launch", "Idle.exe");
    fscommand("Launch", "Menu.exe");

    Opens Menu or Idle application into frontmost and
    FL goes background.


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