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    Who benefits from Platform Security ?


    I'd like to start an open discussion thread, where users, developers and other engaged parties share their view on the benefits gained from introducing Platform Security in Symbian v9.

    How did the Platform Security change Your life in the Symbian ecosystem ? Did it raise Your sales, did it open new markets and opportunities, did it make Your work easier ?

    This thread is open for Your opinion. Let's hear it, guys!

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    Re: Who benefits from Platform Security ?

    I think there have already been such threads. It is pretty obvious that you - as a developer - do not benefit from it: free/no signing is obviously cheaper than paying for testing and signing, restricted access is obviously uncomfortable if compared to unrestricted access.
    On the other hand you might benefit from it when your application is ready and being distributed: it is harder to crack and harder to re-distribute, the users may trust it more since being tested, etc.
    Some other parties, like Symbian, the manufacturers and the operators are happy since the platform becomes more secure (even you if "get" steal/reverse engineer/hack/etc. sensitive API-s, you cannot distribute your possibly malicious application uncontrolled), tested applications will less likely ruin the device, the network, etc. Some of these aspects even makes the users happy too.
    It is a boring topic, anyway.

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    Re: Who benefits from Platform Security ?

    I think this is a good topic.

    The end-user view is also very welcome. How has platsec impacted your way of using mobile software or impacted the way you purchase sw?

    - Have you encountered rogue applications that have increased cost of use, loss of personal data, loss of personal contact info etc?

    - What precautions do you take when installing an application on your mobile?

    - Is there an increased feeling/realization of security from the pre-v9 times?

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