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    Angry Problem with browser


    Firstly i have read all the previous posts but to no avail.

    I simply want to open the browser from my python script. I can connect to my wifi no problem. here is my script.

    import e32
    import os
    import socket   
    ap_id = socket.select_access_point()   
    apo = socket.access_point(ap_id)   
    path = 'z:\\System\\Apps\\Browser\\Browser.app'
    apprun = 'z:\\system\\programs\\apprun.exe'
    def open(url):
       apprun_arg = path + ' "' + url + '"'
       e32.start_exe(apprun,apprun_arg, 1)
    print "done"
    Somebody else posted this and said it workled. Im really stuck with this. Any help appreciated.

    I also tried webbrowser, i would prefer to use it this way though.


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    Re: Problem with browser

    i dont know whats wrong to be honest..

    this worked for me though so hopefully it helps someone else


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