We have a site that sends out mms audio/picture messages by an MMSC.

I cannot seem to get our animated gifs to animate when they are played back as part of an mms presentation or message.

We have tried <img src> and <video src> in the smil but the animation only ever plays the first frame when viewed as an mms/mms presentation on a mobile.

The Gif plays fine as an animation when viewed separately in the phones (tested on an E61 and N95)
What are we doing wrong???

below is our smil:
<smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/SMIL20/Language">
<root-layout width="240" height="320" id="Root38"/>
<region fit="fill" id="bg_r" top="0" left="0"
width="240" height="320" z-index="-1"/>
<region fit="meet" id="p0_img1_r" top="40"
left="45" width="150" height="150" z-index="-1"
<region fit="scroll" id="p0_txt1_r" top="210"
left="20" width="200" height="56" z-index="-
<region fit="meet" id="Text" top="65.0%"
left="0.0%" width="100.0%" height="35.0%" z-index
<region fit="meet" id="Image" top="0.0%"
left="0.0%" width="100.0%" height="65.0%" z-index
<par dur="30120ms" begin="0s">
<audio src="audio.mp3"
id="16414" begin="0s" end="30120ms"/>
<img src="picture.gif"
id="p0_img1" region="p0_img1_r" dur="30120ms" begin
<text src="text.txt"
id="p0_txt1" region="p0_txt1_r" dur="30120ms" begin="

Please help!