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    Problem in finding location information

    Hi everybody!
    I am new in this J2ME environment. I could not be able to find the exact location information after getting the values of latitude , longitude, and altitude using Location API's Coordinates. Is there any API that I can use with S60 3rd edition FP 2 sdk so that I can find out the exact location information (country,state,city). Is there any one who can share code sample regarding with this problem.

    One more problem, How can I render the contents of a JSP page into the mobile display? I have tried using, but I found out that all the html tags have been rendered in the mobile display.

    With regards,

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    Re: Problem in finding location information

    Location API provides you the coordinates. You need to ne use some service on the net which will convert that coordinates to country, state, city. I am not sure if there public services for this available.

    Not sure what you are asking about jsp/html. COuld you be a little more specific..


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    Re: Problem in finding location information

    I am also looking for displaying current location name depends upon latitude and longitute value. how can i get.

    if anybody known solution please help me out as soon as possible.

    Thanks in Advance
    R. mottaisami.

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    Re: Problem in finding location information

    obviously u cant get an adress out of a longitude/latitude coordinates set, not through jsr179 that is... u can immagine how big of a database has to exists to contain all this data and that simply wouldnt fit in a mobile's memory, heck, it wouldnt even fit on my desktop pc
    so the only option is to find some kind of third party which supplies that kind of service... try looking for geocoding (this is from adress to lat/lon) or reversed geocoding....

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