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    Problem in SMS Application

    Hi all,

    I have written an application that sends an SMS from the J2ME application till here it works fine..... but i need to proccess some data to the rms only if the sent out from the application ... to be more specfic

    let us say there is a method A and an SMS sms1

    only when sms1 leaves the phone through the appliction method A should excute else if by any chance say because of no network or phone being on flight mode or something similar then method A should not excute.... so how to i do it.... any suggestion or link or sample code will help alot.... please help me out

    Deepu G

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    Re: Problem in SMS Application

    Hi Deepu,

    In your application if SMS is not sent, u can catch that exception as IOException or normal Exception. So if error occurs while sending the SMS, just do as what you need.

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    Re: Problem in SMS Application

    . I want to create a new message in the inbox folder. I want to set the msg to a specific delivery time.
    How can i do it ?

    2. I need to read the sender from the inbox folder, but i need the phone number and not name.
    when i read the data using iDetails i receive the name of the sender (if the name and number exist in the PB ) rather than the number.

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    Re: Problem in SMS Application

    1) Not possible, there is no access to the inbox from Java ME.

    2) Not possible, see above


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