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    Nokia 6131 ans ISO 14443 cards


    I'm trying to read ISO 14443 cards and I was wondering if the Nokia 6131 could read both type A and type B.

    Thank you

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    Re: Nokia 6131 ans ISO 14443 cards

    If the Nokia 6131 NFC is an NFC Forum Device: Yes.
    Because it must be able to read NFC Forum Tag type 4, which can be either type A or B.
    In reality: No. The antenna (PN511) only supports type A.

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    Re: Nokia 6131 ans ISO 14443 cards

    Nokia 6131 NFC is not using the PN512?? I thought that...so that means that can read both ISO1443A and B

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    Re: Nokia 6131 ans ISO 14443 cards

    Hi there,

    type A or B is not related to the antenna or the chip (PN511/PN512) in this case. it is simply not yet implemented. Actually the Nokia 6131 is a device implemented NFC -- but it has not yet a "NFCForum Compliant" Sticker and thus uses not all the tag formats.

    Cheers, geri-m

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