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    S60 emulator doesn't support capture://video ?!

    As the S60 emulator does not support video capture (throws exception when attempt is made to use Manager.createPlayer("capture://video"); ) how should developers debug media apps for this platform? All the other phone manufacturers who make SDK's available support video emulation, which makes this significantly easier.

    It wouldn't be so bad if the S60 on-device debugging worked through Netbeans, but that appears to be another work-in-progress.

    Seriously, the 60 platform has been around for some considerable time now - isn't it about time the emulator actually worked?
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    Re: S60 emulator doesn't support capture://video ?!

    The same problem with S40 5th emulator.
    No idea how to explain: supports.video.capture = true
    and exception 'Invalid locator: capture://video' when I call
    Manager.createPlayer("capture://video"); in the same emulator

    Seems like inconsistent behavior for me

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