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    os.remove problems

    Hi Guys,

    i have two user profiles in my app, both which have a separate database associated with each profile. The user can add profiles no problem, for this i use execfile.

    But when i try to delete a file from my application it wont delete it. Iget errno 13 which i presume is that the file is in use. how can i know for sure whether its in use? i need these files deleted from within the app... but yet they wont go.

    if i run them from outide the application.. like if i just run deleteDB.py file from the menu the db goes but i need to do it from within an application

    i use the code..

          receive_path = "e:\\Python\\User1.db"
    Any ideas?

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    Re: os.remove problems

    hi neil
    i think probably ur logic is bit incorrect.in the if statement of ur code you are checking that ur file exists or not i.e. ur file is in use so how one can delete it.
    have a feedback.

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    Re: os.remove problems


    This is because if you open a file for performing any operations, like read or write, you should always close it with a f.close() function. May be thats the problem in your case. And so it give the error.

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