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    Re: What are the Future Technologies

    i'm hoping for 4G or something better than 3.5G. to have 15 mbps on your phone would be great

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    Lightbulb Re: What are the Future Technologies

    I see the future is when, mobile phones, desktops, TV and all the gadgets around converge and mobile phone being at the centre stage acting as the source of power and commnucation. It will connect, communicate and control the other devices around.

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    Re: What are the Future Technologies

    Quote Originally Posted by gaba88 View Post
    i believe that the future technologies should focus in lots and lots of external devices like a magnetometer , a temperature sensor may a ultrasonic sensor.
    this all will make a smartphone the best devices.
    I have been looking around to see if any Nokia handsets have an outside temperature reading, and can't find any, you would think it should be easy enough to do with todays technology. Would very quite useful here in Finland.

    EDIT, I have just found out that the 5100 and the 5140 have outside temperature readings. Looking into this.

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