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    conversion problem??


    I try to build a system to send picture messages etc. I have tried many gif -> hex encoders but every time my pic don't arrive. I have to send this parameters to my smsgateway:
    They said that I have to use 06050415820000 for an operator logo and in the text param I have to put the encoded image and operator. When I put:
    in the text parm and my image arrives. This is the example they send to me.
    They said that 02F42100 is the operator code and the other code is the image. But when I change the code for the image in this:
    I don't get a message.
    They say that's the hexcode I use is wrong. I think that also
    Can anyone help me how I could my .gifs correctly so I can send images etc.
    The conversion program I use is that from sms-wap.com in the pdf where they have the example code for Visual Basic


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    RE: conversion problem??


    Smart messaging Specification v3.0 thells you how the OTA image should be coded, same specification gives you a good example how the binary should look like.

    I can't remember if WBMP is equal to OTA bitmap, if not, they are quite similar at least. GIF codec is totally different than OTA bitmap.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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