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Thread: pyc files

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    pyc files


    I compiled some script to pyc and tried to run it on the phone
    but i get lots of diffrent errors on each try
    i also tried normal script that does import to the pyc one.

    my last try i compile a script that contains only

    import appuifw

    and the error i got was bad magic number.
    so now i think , do i need to compile pyc files using python1.4.2 only ?
    if so how i install old version of python while having a later one ?
    if thats not the problem what is ?


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    Re: pyc files

    ok i installed windows version of python2.2.3
    and now it works

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    Re: pyc files

    Great, Next time you post any code lines, please use the CODE tags so that indentations are maintained and it looks presentable
    Pankaj Nathani

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