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    communicate two components with different languages


    am using netbeans and i have one component developed using J2ME and another component developed using Java language.

    i want to use the classes which are in J2ME within the java Component?

    is this possible?


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    Re: communicate two components with different languages

    J2ME is kinda of a sub-set of Java itself, so not all Java functionalities are available on the J2ME platform...
    If u only used classes and API's which are available to J2ME as well u should be able to use ur Java code, otherwise it just wont work...
    An option is to create ur own classes with the same functionality as the ones which arent included in J2ME and use those...

    In short : no there is no guarantee ur normal Java code will work, this is due to the fact thet J2ME is a sub-set of Java....

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