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    Problem with installing the application

    Hi all,

    I have create a application in netbeans 6.0 and installed the motorola SDK for it i tried running the application with V3i emulator and it works fine but when i try installing it to the phone it gives me application error.... please somebody help me out.... i am not able to trace out the reason

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    Re: Problem with installing the application

    Have you built the MIDlet for MIDP and CLDC versions available on the phone?
    Are you using just the APIs available on the phone?
    What APIs are you using? Are you using some method calls which require permissions and which on that device might be restricted for only signed apps (this is a guess only)


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    Re: Problem with installing the application

    i have checked for the MIDP and CLDC versions its all correct and i am using WMA 1.0 and PIM Access that is JSR 75

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