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    WIFI in the emulator

    Hi all,

    I am quite lost so I need some help, I read a lot of previous post in this forum but I still having some questions
    I am working with S60 3rd Edition SDK FP2, and I am trying to connect two symbian mobile devices via a wifi connection.
    I have started by downloading some examples related to the management of wlan connections (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Image:WLanEx.zip)
    I managed to built and run the example app on the emulator but it does not work. I do "scan wlan names" an it says "feature not supported"
    Can anybody please tell me if I can simulate a wlan enviroment in the emulator or I have to work on a real device?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: WIFI in the emulator

    most likely you would need to do it in a real device. Often any functionality that would require hardware, will not work on the emulator.

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    Re: WIFI in the emulator

    thanks Yucca for your answer.
    Nevertheless, I am being able to emulate a bluetooth enviroment in the emulator so I thought there would be a similar way for simulating a WIFI connection

    Has anybody been able to properly run the
    WLan Example (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Image:WLanEx.zip)
    in the emulator?

    Thank you very much again

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    Re: WIFI in the emulator

    I am sorry I won't provide any advice on your question, On the contrary,I hope get your help very much.

    I also run the example project WLanSampleEx, but I can not pass build correctly yet. when I build it in the emulator s60 3rd with FP1, it shows the error:
    "the file 'wlancdbcols.h' cannot be opened".
    I have set up the plug-in: "WLANManagementAPI" and "WLANInfoAPI", and I also searched 'wlancdbcols.h' in the S60_3rd_SDK_FP1_API_Plug-In_Pack_v2_43 and S60_API_plug-in_S60_3rd_Ed_FP2_v1_Beta, but I can not find it, too.

    can sjm233 or anybody give me some advice?
    thanks in advance!
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    Re: WIFI in the emulator

    I have got it in the s60 3rd sdk MR plugins.
    thanks anyway.

    in addition, sjm233, I have done the same operation as you did before, and meet the same problem, now I am thinking about how to test the sample on device. or it will waste more time.
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    Re: WIFI in the emulator

    I have developed an application using bluetooth where i am able to scan nearby devices.
    I want to do the same using Wlan on s60 3rd edition .I have nokia E-60 as the device but i want to run it on the emulator first.I try running the code (wlan example on nokia site) and it says feature not supported.
    Is there any way to turn on the wlan service in the emulator,because i remember doing the same for turning on the bluetooth.
    I need to make use of the wlan in the emulator for testing the application.
    Please anybody who has any ideas about this ...yucca..???

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