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    S60 UI Style on Nokia Tests

    Hi there,
    Nokia tests have test cases that require application to follow S60 UI Style, but I wonder if an application (e.g. a game application) uses its own UI library (or UI engine) instead of standard UI components from S60, can such kind of application pass Nokia Tests on UI Style?

    I think nokia tests are optional for passing symbian signed, right? It is only required for applications that want to be pre-installed to ROM?


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    Re: S60 UI Style on Nokia Tests

    You are required to pass the Nokia tests if you need sensitive capabilities on a Nokia handset.

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    Re: S60 UI Style on Nokia Tests

    And for every rules there are exceptions, you just have to decide if the rule applies to you and whether you can provide justification for the choice you have made.
    -- Lucian

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