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    Logo downloading via COD

    I need excact specifications how to download the logo via Wap (COD format) on the 3410 (does it work on 3510 too???)

    1) what is the logo format
    2) how should the COD look? format and text and headers
    3) does it work on the 3510 too?

    thany. j

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    RE: Logo downloading via COD


    you should read the documentation:
    >>Content Distribution
    >>Content Downloading

    OTA download for generic content, Introduction

    OTA download for generic content, Service Developer Guide

    OTA download for generic content - Specification

    Here is a example file:
    COD-Price: 1 e
    COD-Size: 1426
    COD-URL: http://youraddress/name.mid
    COD-Name: Song
    COD-Type: audio/midi
    COD-Install-Notify: http:// ...
    COD-Next-URL: http:// ...
    COD-Vendor: Vendor
    COD-Description: Description of the item
    COD-URL, COD-Install-Notify, COD-Type and COD-Size are mandatory attributes.

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