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    Controlling the shutdown/power-off events

    Hi All,

    I am trying to control the power-off events. My requirement is, when power-off button is clicked send a SMS out. Once the SMS is sent out (RunL is called of SMS Sender Active Object), continue the power-off sequence. That is, till the SMS is sent out phone should not shut-down.

    I am able to trap the power-off events in HandleWsEvents as well as in HandleSystemEventL. But these functions doesnt allows me to suspend the power-off sequence till I am done with SMS sending.

    I am trying this on 3rd Edition. Please throw a light on this subject.

    Dushyant Gaur
    Sling Media,
    cell:+91 9342276086
    email: dushyantg@slingmedia.com

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    Re: Controlling the shutdown/power-off events

    Can I ask for the power event code?? maybe I can look at it...

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    Re: Controlling the shutdown/power-off events

    I guess that it's an EApaSystemEventShutdown event. Try out to handle it:
    void CTestAppUi::HandleSystemEventL(const TWsEvent& aEvent)
       switch (*(TApaSystemEvent*)(aEvent.EventData()))
         case EApaSystemEventShutdown:
           // do things here
       // call base class implementation

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