Hi all,

I have an N95, that i connected to my MacBook Pro. Everything works great and I can connect to 3G internet and everything....

What I would like to do is to use the modem in my cell phone to connect to another analogue modem.

I use ZTerm (basically OS X version of HyperTerminal) to send AT commands.

So I send ATDxxxxxxxxxx;
where xxxxxxxxxx is the number of the analogue modem with auto answer enabled. It picks up and i hear it's trying to negotiate a call, but the nokia does not respond with anything. In fact i can hear everything throught the speaker on my N95 just as I made a call from the actual phone.

WHat am I doing wrong?

PS. I need this to work so I can connect to some equipment that has a modem attached to it and expects command line input. It's a cisco router with a modem attached to an aux port. I call with a regular modem and i know it works, so I know I'm missing something with my cell modem. Please, help