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    how to allocate long size memory?

    i know User::AllocZ(TInt aSize),it only allocate TInt size memory

    how to allocate long int size memory?

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    Re: how to allocate long size memory?

    Actually, if you take a look at docs on AllocZ, it says:
    (raises panic) USER 47, if the maximum unsigned value of aSize is greater than or equal to KMaxTInt/2. For example, calling Alloc(-1) raises this panic.
    But do you have a device with more than KMaxTInt/2 (KMaxTInt is 0x7fffffff) amount of RAM (free, after system has been booted)?

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    Re: how to allocate long size memory?

    As default the available memory for one program is limited to 1 MByte regardless of the available memory in the phone. This can be changed by adjusting the epocheapsize in the project mmp file.

    TInt is defined as a 32 bit Integer in Symbian, so it will be sufficient for one or two more years for specifying the size of a allocated block of memory ;-) before phones will be available with more than 2 GBytes of RAM memory.


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