Central Repository API is only available for Symbian OS 9.x. As for an API that can be used to retrieve skin info on S60 2nd Edition FPx you will have to open a support request to find out if one is available (according to the header files the same API is available since S60 2nd Edition). And no, you do not "buy" APIs, you simply apply for them and pay a processing fee. You may get the API or not. See http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...nering_Program

I have checked estore zone at "Forum Nokia Developer Program" and found that I have to buy "Partnering API Request" to get extended skin API for Nokia2nd edition and may be buy "Technical Support Case" also.

Can I buy only "Partnering API Request" because I know that the necessary API for my program is "extended skins api"?

Information from wiki (below link) shows me that Partners have to buy "Technical Support Case" before, then buy "Partnering API Request" afterwards.

Thankyou in advance.