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    Lightbulb encrypting the messaging folder

    hi all,
    i'm thinking about implementing a application that can prevent freely accessing to the messaging folder or inbox/sent box. anyone accessing to the folders will be prompted to provide a code/password.
    i basicly have no clear idea on it,though i roughly think maybe firstly i should get a handle of that folder i want to encrypt,then change the accessing mode(if any) to require a specific code(hard-coded or better modifiable only to a specific username done by question-answer mode).
    although it seems there's already such app for S60, i want to have my own.
    do you guys have any solutions/suggestions? better to have some stuffs from which i can build my own
    really appreaciated.
    btw,i'm using S60 2nd fp3.
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    Re: encrypting the messaging folder


    You need a PXT. I have seen it work in Symbian 9 but not tried it in 8.

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