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    Unhappy Python CONE 8, sometimes System Error -50


    I run script in emulator without any problems, I exit script without any problems, but when I exit python shell there's "Python CONE 8" error. The only script which I ran was my own, so there MUST be something wrong with it.

    There's no error notes after running the script. Trace doesn't show anything suspicious. Everything is juuuuuust fine - until I exit python shell.

    How to debug this kind of error?

    There was earlier also "system error (-50)", but it disappeared. That means "Exception in UI callback" and CONE 8 most likely means "Environment found window server resources had not been freed". That suggests that I created something related to appuifw and it wasn't ever deleted or released.

    What kind of cleanup I have to do myself? This sample is basically what I did, should I somehow delete myText? Should I delete m object? There are no tabs, no views, no icons, no listbox, no canvas - nothing but one appuifw.Text() and few writings on it.

    This sample gives same CONE 8 error, here's how to use:

    1) Start python shell
    2) Run this script
    3) Exit script
    4) Exit pythin shell

    Btw using S60 3rd Edition SDK MR with Python 1.4.2.

    import e32
    import appuifw
    import graphics
    import key_codes
    class Main(object):
      def __init__(self):
        appuifw.app.screen = 'normal'
        appuifw.app.title = u'Test'
        appuifw.app.exit_key_handler = self.cb_quit
        appuifw.app.menu = [
        self.myText = appuifw.Text()
        self.myText.font = u"title"
        self.myText.style = (appuifw.STYLE_BOLD | appuifw.STYLE_UNDERLINE)
        self.myText.font = u"normal"
        self.myText.style = 0
        self.print_status(u"Press Select key to start:")
        appuifw.app.body = self.myText
        self.myText.bind(key_codes.EKeyEnter, lambda: self.sample())
        self.myText.bind(key_codes.EKeySelect, lambda: self.sample())
      def print_status(self, aString):
        e32.ao_sleep(0.1)  # Give time to update screen
      def sample(self):
      def cb_quit(self):
    m = Main()
    app_lock = e32.Ao_lock()

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    Re: Python CONE 8, sometimes System Error -50

    Quote Originally Posted by JOM View Post
    How to debug this kind of error?
    The oldest debug method is still working: describe the problem to anyone who doesn't know anything about it

    The solution was:
      def cb_quit(self):
        self.myText.bind(key_codes.EKeyEnter, None)
        self.myText.bind(key_codes.EKeySelect, None)
    Maybe I have to start doing that always, even with canvas.bind(key_codes.EKeySomething, lambda: do_something(NOW)). Have to confess I had no idea this has to be done...

    Sorry for trouble,


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