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    IrCOMM with S60 3rd?

    Hello Experts,
    I am trying to Infrared port on my N95 8Gb with RCOMM.
    Examples like IrPrinting are using EUART1 for IrCOMM, but when I try the following:

    TInt r=User::LoadPhysicalDevice(PDD_NAME);
    if (r != KErrNone && r!= KErrAlreadyExists)
    I get an KErrNotFound=(-1) Error.

    When I use EUART instead, (like used in GlassTerm-Example) the port seems to be initialized, but commPort.Write(status,KTimeOut,DATA_STRING) exits with KErrTimedOut=(-33).

    What is wrong?

    When I ignore the errors, the IR-Port is blinking...stange behaviour.
    Seems like a bug! I am using the newest firmware.

    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you in advance,
    regards Charly
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    Re: IrCOMM with S60 3rd?

    Hi Ch4rly,

    what you mention is very interesting for me, too.
    Would like to know more. Has anybody experiences which that?


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    Re: IrCOMM with S60 3rd?

    Thread moved to a more appropriate forum

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